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Is a flattening yield curve a precursor of recession?

by Sam Sudame, Singer Xenos Schechter Sosler Director of Research Lately there’s a lot of talk about an economic indicator called the yield curve, dubbed by some pundits a near-infallible prognosticator of a recession on the horizon. Briefly, the yield curve charts...

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Market Volatility Brings New Opportunities for Investors

Rising interest rates and the specter of a trade war are increasing volatility in the stock market, causing a corresponding surge of anxiety among some investors. There’s no need to lose sleep. It’s a mistake to assume volatility is necessarily negative, or to try to...

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Empowering at-risk youth through financial literacy

According to the National Financial Educators Council, in 2016 the average score in Florida for the National Financial Literacy test taken by kids ages 15-18 was just 55-percent. The reality is that without basic skills to maintain healthy financial habits, these...

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