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Does Money Grow on (Family) Trees?

From the silent generation to millennials, money habits are sculpted by experience. They are developed over years and decades, passed down from our parents and to our children. Upbringing has a big effect on our relationship with money and a lot of that influence...

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Faith Xenos Climbs Barron’s “Top 100 Women Advisors”

Barron’s published its annual Top 100 Women Advisors list, listing Singer Xenos’s co-founding partner Faith Xenos, as among the country’s female financial powerhouses. This is not Faith’s first year recognized by the publication, but this year indicated a big...

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Fiduciary Rule: What Does It Mean For You?

The Department of Labor is implementing a new regulation regarding the treatment of advice given by financial professionals. Taking effect June 9, the new rule expands the standard of care any professional providing advice on retirement accounts must give to their...

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Your Instincts Might Be Costing You Money

The Federal Reserve has started raising interest rates. The country is seeing a shift socially and economically. The economy is entering into a new era that demands new investments strategies, but many are hesitant to apply new techniques. The problem facing investors...

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Keeping Politics Out of Your Portfolio

Over the past 6 months, it seems like every other headline involves Donald Trump and his effect on the markets… “Stock Markets Rise Under Donald Trump Could Lead to Bull Market” “Why the Trump Bump Has Set Us Up for a Market Crash” “Stock Market Shows People Believe...

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