At Singer Xenos Schechter Sosler, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box when it comes to the needs of our clients in today’s world.

That’s why our Women’s Financial Services division was created to proactively address the specific financial needs of women. We understand that women face distinct wealth management issues and challenges that other clients may not, including the possibility of early widowhood, divorce and an extended life span.

This understanding influences everything we do, from investment allocation to retirement planning, to ensure that our clients are better positioned to face any challenge that may arise.

Before and after a major life change or sudden money event, our advisors can provide invaluable expert advice to both clients and their representing attorneys or CPAs.

Singer Xenos is also proud to offer our SX Women’s Group, a unique opportunity within our industry for women to network among peers and expand their understanding of the investment process. Founded in 2005, the SX Women’s Group is just another example of the personalized client service that sets Singer Xenos apart.