Protecting Your Start-Up

Helping Entrepreneurs Diversify Assets While Building A Business Brand.

The Situation

A client launches his own online automotive supply company and experiences initial, significant success. He wants to make sure he is creating a diversified wealth management plan that protects him in the event of an unforeseen setback or unexpected external factors that might negatively impact his sales and profitability.

The Challenge

Entrepreneur clients are rightfully focused on the success of their start-up business. That often means putting money earned back into the business to continue helping it grow. A financial advisor can assist by helping create liquidity so the client can diversify his or her assets and better protect against unforeseen events.

The Solution

In this situation, Partner and Senior Advisor Jay Schechter worked closely with the client to sell off 20 percent of his company to a private equity firm, which created immediate liquidity, while also maintaining his control and ownership of the business.

Jay then put those proceeds in a diversified portfolio with a moderate degree of risk, which allowed the client to grow a nest egg while continuing to grow his business.

Awards & Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions
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