Foreign Professionals

A French National Seeks Green Card through Investment.

The Situation

A female French national was looking to relocate herself and her two daughters, both in their 20s, from Paris to Miami due to concerns about the political and economic climate in France and Europe. This client wanted to establish legal residency, and had heard about the US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ program for foreign investors.

The Challenge

The client did not have a specific business in mind, and had no analytical experience to evaluate potential business opportunities. She needed someone to help source businesses as well as handle the due diligence process on each potential opportunity.

The Solution

The client worked closely with Faith Xenos, who spent time getting to understand the client, her priorities and her business capabilities—a key component in the firm’s Foreign Professional division and its approach to client relations. Ms. Xenos used this understanding, along with her extensive understanding of market conditions for foreign professionals within the Miami area, to identify and evaluate more than six businesses for the client, over the course of four months.

Several of the organizations evaluated did not have strong business fundamentals, and faced issues that would have presented a significant challenge over the long term, such as a strong likelihood of obsolescence and over-reliance on a single person’s knowledge and expertise for operational success. These were issues that the client would not have been able to identify on her own due to her lack of experience in business, operations and analysis.

Within six months, Ms. Xenos evaluated numerous businesses and presented the client with few viable opportunities. The client ultimately started a fashion accessories business similar to the type of business she ran in France. She obtained the legal right to remain in the US, and by hiring her daughters as employees, she was able to keep the capital within the family structure.

Awards & Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions
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