Next Gen Wealth

The term “Millennial” is often used in today’s culture, but in generational terms, its impact on our financial sector represents an unprecedented milestone.

Next-Gen Wealth

Strategic advantages and understanding of the younger generation.

The U.S. is currently undergoing the most significant transfer of wealth in history as baby boomers age out of the workplace and millennials begin to assume control of that wealth, with an estimated $30 trillion set to be passed down.

This transition, coupled with Miami’s growth and prominence as an international destination, makes Singer Xenos Schechter Sosler uniquely equipped to guide wealth preservation with a global and multi-generational perspective.

Our carefully selected investment professionals understand the needs of our younger generation and how best they may capitalize on the significant influx of investment opportunities currently taking place across our region.

Our deep roots in South Florida, and our longstanding business relationships, provide younger generations with a strategic leg up when it comes to gaining and preserving a foothold, and ensuring a continuation of their financial legacy.

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Awards & Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions
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