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Tenured Client Looks to Slowdown, but Keep Capital Flowing.

The Situation

A client in his 60s makes the important decision to transition away from full-time work. He has spent a lifetime working, saving and accumulating wealth, and is worried that a slowdown in work will put him in a vulnerable financial position.

The Challenge

The client has been working with Singer Xenos for years, which has put him in the position to make a decision based on what he wants to do rather than what he needs to do – yet the mental feeling of ‘security’ is still a very real hurdle.

The Solution

Founding Partner Marc Singer relishes the opportunity to counsel such long-term clients, as they have worked hard for what they have and should be able to enjoy the independence it affords. However, he also understands that for some, the idea of not having a monthly reliable income is stressful, even if they have more than enough to fill the gaps.

That is why Marc worked closely with the client to create a recurring ‘income’ flow, whereby the amount of money he was accustomed to earning each month would be deposited from his investments to his traditional bank account. This created a sense of stability and security that allowed the client to continue accruing wealth while also enjoying the flexibility and freedom he so desired.

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Awards and Recognitions
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