Esther Montane

Senior Portfolio Administrator

For nearly two decades, Singer Xenos clients have had the joy of interacting with Esther Montane.

As Senior Portfolio Administrator, Esther handles the administrative requests of all Singer Xenos clients and serves as a liaison between clients and their external accounting and legal counsel. She is a Registered Paraplanner SM  with extensive experience in brokerage accounts, annuities and mutual fund operations.

Outside the office, Esther lives in Miami and enjoys being with her family, including her two daughters, two grandchildren and her mother, who is 93. Esther isn’t much for sports or traveling, but she loves dancing and considers salsa to be great exercise.

After nearly 20 years with the firm, Esther considers the Singer Xenos team, especially co-founders Faith Xenos and Marc Singer, to be just as close as family.